About This Event

In celebration of diversity in tech, GA and Barayamal have brought together a panel of Indigenous entrepreneurs and thought leaders to share their perspectives, stories and experiences Indigenous Entrepreneurship in a candid conversation.

Beginning with a presentation on the key differences between western notions of entrepreneurship and indigenous entrepreneurship, the event will then deep dive into the experiences and perspectives of indigenous entrepreneurs in an expert panel.

We’ll hear:

  • Our speakers’ journeys and how they have gotten to where they are now
  • The unique struggles that they have faced as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within a nation that still has a long way to go in the reconciliation process
  • Recognising and celebrating the different approach to business in Indigenous Entrepreneurship
  • Advice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with ideas and entrepreneurial ambitions

Professor Dennis Foley has a quick yarn about the Indigenous Procurement Policy and other challenges Indigenous entrepreneurs face

For an event Barayamal ran in partnership with General Assembly Australia, we had the chance to get a pre-recorded interview video with Professor Dennis Foley for participants to learn more about Indigenous Entrepreneurship and the challenges.

Resources – First Nations Entrepreneurship


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