How awesome are black swans!? Black swans are one of the most mysterious animals in nature.

The meaning of Barayamal (Black Swan)

The meaning of Barayamal Barayamal means โ€˜Black Swanโ€™ in Gamilaraay language.

Before the colonisation of Australia, Europeans only taught kids in school about the white swan until Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh discovered what First Nations peoples knew for millennia, that there were also black-feathered swans (black swans).

This forced Europeans to reconsider and change their perceptions about what a โ€œswanโ€ actually means. In this instance, the black swan represents First Nations entrepreneurs who havenโ€™t been recognised in the business world because of current perceptions.

Barayamal will show the world that First Nations entrepreneurs exist and we can also build successful businesses that also create a better world for everyone.

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