Dean Foley, Founder of Barayamal

Entrepreneur. Mentor. Speaker.

“Dean set a goal to support entrepreneurs and made Barayamal happen. He didn’t wait for permission or the perfect time, he just dug in and got it done. If you want to make stuff happen and make a positive impact, be part of the Barayamal story,” Mark Sowerby – Queensland Chief Entrepreneur

Dean served five years in the Royal Australian Air Force before founding Australia’s Indigenous business accelerator, Barayamal – now known as a leader in Indigenous Entrepreneurship. Dean is an action-oriented entrepreneur, Microsoft RAP Advisory Board Member and proud Kamilaroi Man who grew up within the Aboriginal community in Gunnedah, NSW.



Need a speaker or mc?

I love to promote Australia's Entrepreneurs and First Nations communities at home or abroad. If you would like an entrepreneur who is working hard on a grass-roots level to make a massive difference in our community, and did it with no financial support from his family or network (self-made and down-to-earth), please fill out the form to your right and let's discuss further.

P.S. 100% of the speaking fee goes towards closing the economic disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous in Australians. Barayamal is a registered charity (ABN 136 1848 7139) and donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

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