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Palm Islanders rejoice over haircuts, decent feeds and cheaper groceries

Telstan Sibley said he was eager to visit Townsville and get a haircut, see an accountant and take his family shopping for warm clothes. He said it has been tough running a small business during the pandemic due to the high cost of shipping goods to the island. “Our freight, we went from $200 a week to nearly $800, $900 a week,” he said.

Was there slavery in Australia? Yes. It shouldn’t even be up for debate

As Bundjalung woman Valerie Linow has said of her experiences of slavery in the 1950s: ” What if your wages got stolen? Honestly, wouldn’t you like to have your wages back? Honestly. I think it should be owed to the ones who were slave labour. “We got up and worked from dawn to dusk … We lost everything – family, everything. You cannot go stealing our lousy little sixpence. We have got to have money back. You have got to give something back after all this country did to the Aboriginal people. You cannot keep stealing off us”.


Change Labs Offers Native Entrepreneurs Interest-Free Microloans

Change Labs is stepping in to assist Native small businesses, vendors or artists ineligible for COVID-19 aid or PPP loans. Assistance is available for small business owners who reside on or near the Navajo and Hopi Nations and are facing challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Native-owned business hub Change Labs is offering zero-interest loans of up to $5,000 with no credit check to Native entrepreneurs.