Caring for Country: how remote communities are building on payment for ecosystem services

The payment for ecosystem services (PES) model is supporting a new wave of self-determined construction on Aboriginal homelands. With no secure strategy for government infrastructure investment in homelands, particularly in new housing or new homelands, PES provides an alternative approach to support meaningful livelihoods on Country. Importantly, revenue from PES can support self-determined and appropriate building there.

From the scrub to greatness, Bill Dempsey’s life to be immortalised in new book

One of the great West Australian stories of brilliance and resilience is set to be told in a book honouring football hero Bill Dempsey. Penned by Steve Hawke, the son of late prime minister Bob Hawke, it will outline the remarkable life of a man who was left at a Darwin mission at just three years of age and went on to become a household WA name as a champion ruckman who played 343 games for West Perth in the 1960s and 1970s.