How this accountant is using his professional skills to improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians

Rossingh is a Kamilaroi man from northern New South Wales and one of only around 50 known Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians with a professional accounting designation. His decision to study accounting opened doors that ultimately allowed him to contribute to improved outcomes for Indigenous Australians both in and out of the profession, and advocate for once-in-a-generation change.

Queensland to repay stolen wages

The Queensland government has agreed to pay $190 million in stolen wages to Indigenous workers. The agreement settles a long-running dispute with lawyers representing about 10,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who had their pay given to the state under the Protection Act.


How to improve health outcomes for Indigenous peoples by making space for self-determination

Lack of self-determination – In effect, the tribunal found the state fails because it does not stand aside to allow Māori self-determination to prevail. Self-determination is a right that belongs to everybody. Under the United Nations’ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which New Zealand accepts as an “aspirational” document, self-determination means that: