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First Nations Founders Meetup
5:30 PM17:30

First Nations Founders Meetup

For the next First Nations Founders Meetup, Founder of Barayamal and IDX Entrepreneurship 2017 Winner Dean Foleywill have a yarn with leading Indigenous Supply Chain Procurement Specialist Murray Saylor, Managing Director of Tagai Management Consultants.

Murray is of Torres Strait Islander descent whose family originates from Darnley Island (Erub) located in the Eastern cluster of the Torres Strait. Murray realised at a young age he wanted to challenge negative stereotypes about Indigenous Australians and create his own destiny. The next phase of Murray’s journey is to share knowledge with others, and facilitate empowering partnerships with people, communities and businesses creating their own destiny...

First Nations Founders Meetup connects, educates, and supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Founders, Innovators and Leaders by running a monthly meetup event so you can network and hear inspiring stories, learn valuable insights into strategies and tactics that work, and what mistakes to avoid from people with real-world experience.

Stay up-to-date with our meetups and come along to network, collaborate and learn.

*Everyone is welcome to attend*

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