Why did you start your own business?

To share knowledge with others, and facilitate empowering partnerships with people, communities and businesses creating their own destiny from a social and commercial perspective.

Challenges Faced

  • Business support mechanisms
  • Brand identity
  • Capability

How did you overcome the challenges?

When establishing Tagai Management Consultants I approached the process with the mindset of “what could I do to establish my company with no money?” With that approach in mind I applied by own form of business strategy which has involved a strong belief in my business, organic business growth, learning, remaining flexible, and experimenting with various business processes while maintaining respect to my traditional values.

Size/Stage of your business, and future plans

Tagai Management Consultants is entering our 3rd year of business, and I am focused on business sustainability, growth, exploring new markets, and respecting the people, community and businesses I have the pleasure to interact with in our business journey.

Favourite Quote

“Maximise opportunities to make a difference.” – Murray Saylor


Torres Strait Islander whose family originate from Darnley Island (Erub)

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