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2018 Give Backathon | "Game Jam"

After running the first ever Indigenous charity hackathon, we are now running the first “Game Jam” that aims to help close the disparity gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians by building games that will create a better Australia for everyone.

Specifically, this is what we will achieve with your help:

  • Build games that inspire, educate and help more Indigenous youth to learn how to code and develop their own games e.g. kolap - a Traditional Indigenous game that Barayamal built on MIT Scratch to teach Indigenous youth how to code.

  • Build games that educate non-Indigenous Australians and strengthen Reconciliation in Australia.

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What is a Game Jam?

According to one of the most reliable sources, Wikipedia, a "game jam is a hackathon for video games. It is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time, usually ranging between 24 and 72 hours, and some even longer. Participants are generally made up of programmers, game designers, artists, writers, and others in game development-related fields."

The Give Backathon "Game Jam" is a charity event (key words - if you're looking to build the next Facebook & increase your wealth, this event is NOT for you...), the games created from the event will be maintained by Barayamal and used in our coding programs at CoderDojo First Nations.


23rd - 25th November 2018


Friday, 23rd: 6pm start, which includes networking, forming groups and getting started (free drinks & nibbles).

Saturday, 24th: Build cool games!

Sunday, 25th: Pitch your games at 5pm and see who built the "coolest" games (free drinks & nibbles).


  • You can use any existing games, tools, code, languages, etc.
  • Collaboration & Team Work is Welcome!
  • Nothing illegal or personal attacks (bullying) - we're here to have fun & make some cool games for a worthy cause.
  • You can also build games and participate from any where in the world (virtual Game Jam).


Barayamal Centre of Entrepreneurship, 349 Montague Road, West End 4101

2017 Give Backathon

Brisbane's best tech minds have come together to help close the technology gap for First Nations charities. The first event of its kind, the national charity hackathon saw software developers and creative thinkers team up to find tech-based solutions for non-profit groups. NITV's Ella Archibald-Binge reports for 'The Point'.

Give Backathon is national charity hackathon that gives worthy charities valuable technology-based solutions to help increase their social impact. Give Backathon exists because (unfortunately) a lot of charities that are making a difference in our communities lack funding and technical skills.

Give Backathon brings together the brightest and nicest techies and professionals to work together and give back.


In May 2017, Give Backathon will focus on helping four Indigenous charities.

Unemployment Rate


According to the latest government employment study, the Indigenous unemployment rate is currently 21%, an increase of 4.3 percentage points since 2008, and is 4 times the current non-Indigenous unemployment rate of 5%. Through disempowerment and lack of opportunity, the Indigenous community in Australia has the highest rate of suicide of any community in the world.

By helping these Indigenous charities, we can help re-shape these statistics - help make a difference and have a ton of fun - limited spots available so join this worthy cause now!



  First Nations Foundation   Indigenous Financial Literacy

First Nations Foundation

Indigenous Financial Literacy

  Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre   Education and Mentoring Programs

Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre

Education and Mentoring Programs

  SevGen   Social Enterprise Development


Social Enterprise Development

  The Streets Movement Organisation   Community Development

The Streets Movement Organisation

Community Development

Free Event - Register now!!!

  • Lunch and dinner will be provided on both days
  • Win some cool prizes for volunteering your time and helping these incredible charities
    • 3 months x Complementary casual membership at Fishburners (Australia's largest co-working space), valued at $900/team member
    • $500 for Best Hacker
    • Xbox One for Best Hustler
    • 4-week paid intership at RedEye Apps
    • $84 off your GitHub account
    • More awesome prizes will be announced soon...


20th - 21st May 2017


Fishburners, Level 2, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000


  Alisha Geary   Founder,   Faebella

Alisha Geary




  Mark Sowerby   Queensland's Chief Entrepreneur

Mark Sowerby

Queensland's Chief Entrepreneur

  Lisa Jenkinson   Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (KPMG Qld)

Lisa Jenkinson

Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (KPMG Qld)

  Tim McLennan   CEO, qutbluebox Pty Ltd

Tim McLennan

CEO, qutbluebox Pty Ltd

Event Sponsors and Partners

Give Backathon is grateful for the support of local community partners without whom this event would not be possible.


Community Partners

Organising Team