With so many organisations claiming to do good, it can be difficult to find the right Aboriginal charities to support with your donations.

So here are some quick tips on supporting Aboriginal charities:

  1. Do your research: Look for charities that align with your values and support the causes you care about. Make sure to research the charity’s track record and impact before making a donation.
  2. Volunteer your time: Many charities rely on volunteers to help them with their work. Consider volunteering your time and skills to support a charity and get some inside insights into how they operate.
  3. Attend events: Aboriginal charities often hold events to raise funds and awareness. Attend these events and invite your friends and family to join you.
  4. Spread the word: Share information about charities and their work with your friends and family on social media and in person. Encourage them to get involved and support the cause.
  5. Donate: Charities need financial support to carry out their work. Make a donation, big or small, to help support Aboriginal communities and causes.

To help you decide where your money will make the most difference, we’ve put together a list of the best Aboriginal charities that are making an impact in 2023.

Aboriginal Charities

Leedal Foundation

The Leedal Foundation is a non-profit organisation that focuses on education and leadership development for youth.

Through its programs, the foundation aims to empower youth in remote communities by providing them with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to become future leaders.

In 2021, the Leedal Foundation launched its first campus in Maningrida, Northern Australia, giving hundreds of students access to quality education and creating pathways to better employment opportunities.


We may be a little biased… but Barayamal is seeking to empower people and communities through Indigenous entrepreneurship.

Through education, mentorship programs and access to business funding, Barayamal helps Aboriginal people create businesses that foster economic equality, social inclusion and sustainable development.

Barayamal has given hundreds of First Nations entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own businesses.

aboriginal charities - Barayamal

aboriginal charities

Local Aboriginal Land Councils

The network of 120 Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) is divided into nine regions that play a major role in the lives of their communities.

Many local Land Councils run education programs, health services and housing initiatives with the support of government funds. Donations to local Land Councils allow them to extend these initiatives and better meet the needs of people in their area and also enable you to make an immediate impact on your community, supporting local initiatives and providing more resources for communities across Australia.

aboriginal charities - Red Chief Local Aboriginal Land Council

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