On today’s show, we have a yarn with Cecelia Wright, who is a leading multicultural trainer, communicator and champion for Indigenous education and inclusion. Originally from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, Cecelia has extensive experience embedding Cultural and inclusive practices in the Early Childhood Sector.


  • “Starting a business is always a big step, but our attitude towards it was always about what can I start of with, what’s a small task I can do to build my business.”
  • “It’s good to do that once a year at least (self-reflection) – of who you are, what you want and where you want to go.”
  • “I think especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs that you have so much to give, it’s just about working out what exactly it is, how do I deliver and meet the niche in the business area and give it a go. You don’t know until you try and every time you fall down you get back up and try again.”


  • Cecelia talks about the work she does and how she’s “reached over 1,500 children.” [01:27]
  • What inspired her to get into business. [2:39]
  • Why culture and multiculturalism should be embraced. [3:05]
  • It takes a village to raise a child and build successful communities. [3:53]
  • Taking action is important to be successful in business. [4:45]
  • Important advice for other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs. [7:34]
  • How Cecelia developed an entrepreneurial mindset. [9:35]
  • The mentor who helped developed the business. [11:06]
  • Some of the challenges she needed to overcome during her business journey. [12:47]
  • Knowing your worth and what to charge. [16:25]
  • How Cecelia keeps motivated to keep going. [18:56]
  • Is the Torres Strait Islander community sometimes left out? [20:32]
  • Strategies and tactics to grow Cultural Inclusions and reach more people. [22:50]
  • Early wins that gained valuable traction for the business. [24:16]
  • Negative effects from outsourcing First Nations art and products overseas. [27:44]
  • How the idea come about and why the best solutions come from within communities. [33:00]
  • Best advice for up-and-entrepreneurs when starting out on your entrepreneurial journey. [37:25]
  • Cultural Inclusions biggest win in business and how it happen. [40:04]

This episode was brought to you by Vasudhara Foundation. Vasudhara Foundation supports social entrepreneurs to build creative and innovative projects that deliver positive social impact. In addition to their philanthropic work, they manage a private investment portfolio which generates the resources to fund the social projects they love. Feel free to get in touch with them at [email protected] or visit their website www.vasudhara.org/home

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