On today’s show, we talk with an entrepreneur who was born and raised in Northern New South Wales on Bundjalung country, Dwayne Good, who now runs the biggest Indigenous travel management firm in Australia that turns over millions of dollars annually. Dwayne is a passionate travel professional with over 10 years of experience and is proud of his Aboriginal heritage.


  • “I had a few different ideas in my head but what got me over the line to take the leap of faith in my own business ideas was probably just more developing confidence in myself over time and getting confidence within myself to know that I could successfully run a business, knowing that I had what it takes to run a business.”
  • “You’ll find that a lot of people (mentors) will have something beneficial for your to listen to even if it’s just one line.”
  • “As an Indigenous business, the spotlight is brighter I think… there’s some mentalities out there, particularly if you spoke to a non-Indigenous business… they maybe think you may fail a little bit quicker or you wouldn’t succeed.”
  • “How can you as a business matter more to your clients.”


  • Dwayne talks about where it all started in Tweed Heads, Bundjalung Nation. [0:55]
  • How he left school early in his life and pursued playing professional soccer career. [2:19]
  • The moment Dwayne become a travel consultant and spent 7 years at Flight Centre. [5:15]
  • When the passion developed and the idea of starting a business emerged. [7:20]
  • What made Dwayne overcome his fears and take action. [8:50]
  • Why mentors are important for your success. [12:20]
  • The most powerful advice from Dwayne’s mentors that you need to know. [18:30]
  • Next level of mentors for further growth. [19:26]
  • Discusses the startup phase and the challenges with a new business. [20:33]
  • Advice for Indigipreneurs who are trying to get finance from banks. [24:30]
  • How First Nations entrepreneurs are scrutinised more than non-FN entrepreneurs [28;28]
  • Challenges of growing a multi-million business compared to a startup. [30:30]
  • Tips and advice for Indigipreneurs. [33:00]
  • One strategy to differentiate your business from the competition. [35:50]
  • New joint venture called Inspire Travel Management to create positive outcomes for First Nations communities. [37:40]
  • Dwayne’s future plans to help First Nations people and community, which motivates him everyday. [47:54]
  • Why the Australian Government should stop recruiting a ton of traineeships in administration for First Nations people. [51:28]
  • Why you should start a business. [52:45]


  • Matter: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice by Julie Williamson and Peter Sheahan.

That concludes today episode of Indigipreneur. If you would like to know more about Dwayne’s company you can visit their website https://www.intravelgroup.com.au/

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