On today’s show, we hear how Darug man, Dylan Mottlee sold his first business at 17 for $50,000 and is now expecting to turn over $300,000 this year in his new business.


  • “Everyone has a reason to keep going forward, regardless of your circumstances and regardless of your age. Don’t define anything by normal social standards, reinvent the wheel.”
  • “It’s very plain and simple, university does not teach you anything for entrepreneurship. You can come out with a degree in entrepreneurship and not have a single clue how to effectively manage your business.”
  • “I’m just super-passionate about business and entrepreneurship that to me it wasn’t really around what keeps you motivated, this was my life now and this is what I’m doing on a daily basis like professional sportsmen.”
  • “Step up to the plate and get some work done. I can tell you right now, if you don’t and in a years time you look back, you probably won’t have much to show for it but if you put your head down and you concentrate I can guarantee you when you look back in a years time you’re going to be so much happier.”


  • Dylan talks about his first business and how it sold it for over $55,000 when he was only 17 years old and continued to receive royalties for three years after selling. [0:48]
  • How and why he invested the money from his first business into other businesses. [2:20]
  • His new business that sells technology products and is predicted to turn over approximately $300,000 this year. [3:00]
  • Why he developed a computer algorithm via Python to grow his business through Facebook. [4:15]
  • Where Dylan finds talented employees to help grow his business. [7:20]
  • How he started developing an entrepreneurship mindset from the age of 13. [9:26]
  • Where the motivation comes from to overcome challenges and run a growing business. [11:09]
  • Why community is a big factor and how Dylan become a volunteer Director of his local Aboriginal Council. [12:30]
  • Despite being only 23 years of age, Dylan beliefs age is just a number in the world of business. [14:33]
  • The amazing talent within First Nations communities and how one girl developed an algorithm for Qantas that saved them $12,000,000. [20:00]
  • The biggest challenge that he needed to overcome in business and why you need to sacrifice to achieve success. [21:33]
  • Looking for information or courses to learn how to become an entrepreneur? Listen to Dylan as he talks about the only information you need to become successful in business. [24:10]
  • Do you need to go to university to be an entrepreneur? [25:20]
  • How to manage your time even if you run three businesses. [28:00]
  • Improving business operations through technology to optimise and increase sales. [32:36]
  • Why the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is important for your business and how to do it yourself. [35:54]
  • How Dylan is breaking negative stereotypes in Australia through his success in business. [39:20]
  • How technology can close the digital divide between First Nations and non-First Nations people. [49:22]
  • How the Australian government can make a real difference and help close the disparity gap. [51:45]

That concludes today episode of Indigipreneur. If you would like to know more about Dylan Mottlee, please connect with him on social media or visit his website, Dyls Online.

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