Dean Foley is a Kamilaroi man who grew up within the Aboriginal community in Gunnedah, NSW. He is the founder of Barayamal, the first Indigenous Accelerator program, Barayamal – now known as a world leader in Indigenous entrepreneurship. Before going into business, Dean served five years in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Show Notes

  • What’s the message you want the world to hear? [1:36]
  • How is Barayamal breaking down negative stereotypes? [2:13]
  • Supporting the next generation [5:28]
  • International aspirations for First Nations Entrepreneurship [8:18]
  • Work-life balance [13:27]
  • Dealing with Government and universities [18:50]
  • What’s the dream/vision? [20:45]
  • Advice for the next generation of First Nations entrepreneurs [35:43]


  • “First Nations people don’t need a B-Corp Certificate or social enterprise training, that’s just how we grow up, it’s in our genes.”
  • “Failure is not actually being successful in business, the (real) failure is not learning, improving and going on to bigger things.”

That concludes today episode of Indigipreneur. If you would like to know more about Dean, please connect on social media or add him on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/deanfoley3/

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