On today’s show we have the inspirational, Jesse T Martin. Jesse is a Eora man who now lives in Cairns, and is the founder of the Streets Movement Organisation. He strives for social change by fighting for a hand up instead of a hand out.


  • “It’s called the Could’ve Been Tribe, could’ve been this, could’ve been that, we all know someone from the Could’ve Been Tribe.”
  • “You have to do what’s necessary to move forward and sometimes that requires incredibly tough decisions and incredibly tough sacrifices. You’re not always going to be eating steak for dinner every night, sometimes you go without dinner but it is what it is. If you suffer enough, if you can fight for it hard enough, if you can believe in it hard enough and if you can put that work in the world is yours.”
  • “To have any substantial impact in society it’s all about having a strong economic base and we as Indigi Mob are not excluded from that. The world is run by money and at the end of the day if we are left behind on that (money) then we are being left behind… so we need to be mindful of that and we need to walk in that space as strong as anyone else in the world.”
  • “We need to find that place of economic prosperity, our own economic development, because that is really what is going to drive change.”
  • “It’s about adapting to the modern world and we are the longest running culture in the world, which is not because we stayed the same for 60,000 thousand years, it’s been because we’ve been able to adapt to everything in front of us like evolution and we’ve been the best in adaptation so this is just another hurdle or obstacle in our way that we are going to adapt to and overcome, and we are not just going to survive but we are going to thrive.”
  • “It’s a capitalist economy and we are part of that community so it’s time we adapted again. We are the best in the world for that like I said before, we are going to adapt not just survive and we are going to thrive.”
  • “To be Aboriginal is to be successful. To be Torres Strait Islander is to be successful. To be black is something to be proud of.”

Show Notes

  • Jesse talks about what it was like growing up in Cairns and what made him start The Streets Movement Organisation (TSM). [0:51]
    When Jesse realised he had to do something to make a positive difference in his community. [4:15]
  • Why TSM started out as a gym and boxing programs. [5:40]
  • The biggest challenge Jesse had to overcome – I bet you can’t guess what it is… [8:25]
  • Why choosing the right people to have around you is so important. [8:55]
  • How Jesse secured a facility for his community centre with only $5 bucks in his pocket. [11:05]
  • If you want to become a real entrepreneur, you need to get out into the real world and build real relationships. [13:17]
  • Challenges Jesse and his team needed to overcome. [14:43]
  • Why culture is key for economic prosperity and development. [17:55]
  • Why we can’t ignore money. [20:00]
  • Biggest wins and successes. [20:50]
  • How Jesse’s programs are helping break negative stereotypes and perceptions. [22:47]
  • The mission is to build sustainable businesses instead of charities so your vision keeps going without the support from government. [24:30]
  • How Jesse stays positive and overcomes challenges like depression. [25:23]
  • Why it’s important to collaborate and work with other nations like China. [26:15]
  • Advice for young Indigipreneur’s. [28:34]
  • Why the Government fails to make a real difference. [29:35]
  • Jesse’s future plans for TSM organisation. [31:32]
  • Why Indigenous Australians have a lot to offer and how we can make a tremendous impact in the world. [35:00]

That concludes today episode of Indigipreneur. If you would like to know more about Jesse’s programs go to his website thestreetsmovement.org or connect on Facebook @thestreetsmovement.

This episode was brought to you by Vasudhara Foundation. Vasudhara Foundation supports social entrepreneurs to build creative and innovative projects that deliver positive social impact. In addition to their philanthropic work, they manage a private investment portfolio which generates the resources to fund the social projects they love. Feel free to get in touch with them at [email protected] or visit their website www.vasudhara.org/home

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