On today’s show, we hear how Yamatji man, Leslie Dingo lost $160,000 and his life savings before figuring out the formula for success.

Leslie is now a successful trader and investor who only works a couple of hours a day (after hitting the gym) and still lives in his community in rural Western Australia, while earning more money than most employees.


  • “If we had a mentor that had already made the mistakes before we got to them, it would of saved us a lot of heartache and money so I can’t stress enough the importance of having a good mentor.”
  • “Trading was where my real passion was and I think for a lot of entrepreneurs and people who want to have a better life need to do is find what you are really passionate about and what you like doing and make a business out of it.”
  • “Review your circle and if there are people who are not helping you achieve your goals or ambitions, then I would really consider reviewing the relationship and finding the right people that you need in your life.”


  • Leslie talks about how he got into trading stock despite growing up in outback Western Australia. [0:50]
  • How to make money fast. [2:30]
  • How Leslie learned how to successfully trade without mentors. [3:38]
  • Benefits of having a mentor vs not having a mentor. [5:00]
  • Lessons learned from trading in the real-world. [5:50]
  • How Leslie loss $160,000 and his life savings to making it all back within a year. [6:43]
  • Success factors that lead to his success in trading. [8:20]
  • Why you need to find your passion and make a business out of it to achieve success in life. [9:50]
  • How playing poker helped Leslie become in trading. [12:35]
  • Overcoming negativity from middle-class Australia. [14:50]
  • Why you should review your circle and remove the toxic relationships from your life. [16:11]
  • Leslie discusses some of his biggest trades and how much money he makes. [18:35]
  • What to look for in the companies you plan to invest in. [25:15]
  • Things to be careful of when investing in Bitcoin to avoid trade manipulations and losing all your money. [27:30]
  • “Trade what you know” – the success principle you need to know. [31:50]
  • Why you need to trade what you are passionate about and to avoid “spiritual suicide”. [34:00]
  • Future plans for the Dingo brothers. [39:00]
  • The books you need to read. [43:00]


That concludes today episode of Indigipreneur. If you would like to know more about Leslie’s connect with him on Twitter @leslie_dingo.

This episode was brought to you by Amanda Young from the First Nations Foundation. The First Nations Foundation help First Nations people to achieve economic freedom through financial literacy training and support. Feel free to get in touch with the First Nations Foundation by emailing [email protected] or visit their website http://www.fnf.org.au.

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