Access to capital is the biggest challenge for First Nations people and while Aussie Superannuation Funds claim to be ethical, the median funding invested in Indigenous ventures remains $0, despite making millions if not billions from stolen land.

Indigenous people have been innovating for thousands of years from being the world’s first bakers to building one of the world’s most comprehensive and oldest aquaculture systems which are older than Egypt’s pyramids. 

And despite only making up 5% of the world’s population, Indigenous people protect 80% of the world’s biodiversity – the results from supporting Indigenous Entrepreneurship goes without saying.

NameTotal Fund Size (billions)Number of MembersTotal Amount Invested (millions)# of Indigenous InvestmentsTotal amount invested in Indigenous entrepreneursDoes this firm support Indigenous Entrepreneurship?

(Western vs Indigenous Entrepreneurship)
Ask VCs to support Indigenous Entrepreneurship (Tweet)
Australian Super$191.422,300,000-0$0No
Hostplus $47.81,200,000-0$0No
MLC super$74.7--0$0No
Aware super$126.451,000,000-0$0No
Q super$117594,000-0$0No
Colonial first state super---0$0No
CSS fund$64.1111894-0$0No

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