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Wealth of our World

In the Torres Strait region of Australia, the Waru (turtle) and Kaiar (crayfish) are important resources for not only the natural world but also for people living alongside them. Jesse painted this work due to missing home and the current climate crisis, wanting to highlight a message around this. Gold veins run throughout the painting as a message about what we value. If we valued and saw our natural world with the same value we place on gold and riches perhaps we would do a better job of taking care of this world.

First Nations Lottery_Art Prize


These are the totems of Jesse’s grandfather (Athe) and grandmother (Aka), from the Beizam (shark) and Kodal (crocodile), which are both important to Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait) people. He painted this down south as a result of missing home, where he had spent time talking with his mother about Senpol (St Pauls) and her parents.

First Nations Lottery - Art Prize