In recent years, the spotlight has intensified on the commitment of major corporations and government entities to address the longstanding disparities First Nations communities face from colonisation.

And central to this commitment are Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) – strategic documents outlining tangible actions to bridge the divide.

But how genuine are these efforts?

Which is why we delve deeper into RAPs of these major “Reconciliation Leaders”, distinguishing the genuine contributors from those merely paying lip service to the cause. Join us as we assess, score, and shed light on the true champions of change.

ReconciliACTION: like reconciliation, but ReconciliACTION is a proactive approach to Indigenous reconciliation that emphasises genuine, result-oriented impact over superficial public relations efforts and symbolic gestures.

ReconciliACTION Scores

WhoReconciliation ClaimRAPReconciliACTION ScorePublic Score
Google2023-25 RAP:
Our vision for reconciliation is one where the cultures, knowledge and histories of Indigenous Australians are accessible, understood and appreciated by all Australians.
ASIC2023-26 RAP:
Ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can access the financial system and experience positive financial outcomes.
Reflections Holiday Park2023-24 RAP:
Reflections will develop opportunities for cultural expression and celebration while delivering social, cultural, and economic outcomes for Aboriginal communities.
KPMG2021โ€“2025 RAP:
Guided by our purpose to โ€˜Inspire Confidence, Empower Changeโ€™, we are committed to placing truth-telling, self-determination and cultural safety at the centre of our approach.

ReconciliACTION Score Notes:

  • Website readers’ average scores determine the public vote.
  • Voting reflects opinions; readers must conduct their own research.
  • Reconciliation Action Plans set objectives, yet lack stringent accountability; for instance, a firm might pledge $1 million or target a 3% Indigenous workforce without assurance of fulfilment, and there are no penalties for missing these targets.
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