The Barayamal Virtual Accelerator is a 10-week business program for First Nations entrepreneurs around the world that provides weekly mentoring, 1 on 1 coaching and support to take your business idea or venture to the next level.

Is this program for you?

Are you a First Nations person who:

  • has an interest in starting your own business,
    • Aspiring entrepreneur
    • Innovator or intrapreneur
    • Visionaries
  • keen to learn new skills and methodologies to take your business to the next level, or
  • you want to learn about startups and how businesses can benefit your community.

Program Structure


Don’t Quit Your Day Job (just yet, anyways!)

Flexible self-study program (online resources/tools) and support. Some of the most successful companies in the world were started as side-projects. You just need to commit to doing the work and getting results.

100% Online – No Travel Expenses

Can’t leave the house (COVID-19 or another pandemic) or live out bush, no worries! The team at Barayamal keeps up with the latest innovations and trends that work for the community.



Indigenous Entrepreneurship

What is a startup?

Barayamal Songline

Launch your own Startup

1 on 1 coaching

How to Pitch

End of Program Achievements

The goal is to take things to the next level but we’re only here to support you by providing tools/education and know-how but your success ultimately relies on you – to commit, executive and progress things. We can’t do the work for you….

  • 90-Day Plan (Barayamal Songline).
  • Discover a problem that you’re motivated to solve.
  • Design possible solutions via MVPs and/or prototypes, and
  • Get traction (grow your customer or users).

Other Outcomes

  • Digital Credential in First Nations Entrepreneurship.
  • 1-Page Business Model.
  • Product-Market Fit.
  • Barayamal Songline – identify where you are now and what you need to do to get where you want to be.
  • Introduction to the basics of the Customer Development Process or Lean Methodology.
  • Learn the business skills needed to bring your idea from conception to market.


Founder & CEO at Barayamal

Dean served five years in the Royal Australian Air Force before founding Australia’s Indigenous business accelerator, Barayamal – now known as a world leader in Indigenous Entrepreneurship. Dean is an action-oriented and multi-award-winning Kamilaroi entrepreneur, Member of Telstra’s Indigenous Advisory Committee and CEO at Barayamal.


Our team brings together a passionate group of volunteers from diverse backgrounds throughout Australia, which includes technologists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, industry experts and community leaders.

Key Dates & Times

Application Deadline: TBC
Program Dates: TBC
Location: Online
Cost: Free