At Barayamal, we believe that entrepreneurship and technology can change the world for the better.

The meaning of Barayamal

Barayamal means ‘Black Swan’ in Kamilaroi language. Before colonisation of Australia, Europeans only taught kids in school about the white swan until Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh discovered what First Nations peoples knew for millenniums, that there was also black feathered swans (black swans). This forced Europeans to reconsider and change their perceptions about what a “swan” actually means. In this instance, the black swan represents First Nations peoples who have not had their innovative ideas and businesses recognised because of current perceptions/”wisdom” - Barayamal will show the world that they do exist and help create a better world for everyone.


Our team brings together a passionate group of volunteers from diverse backgrounds throughout Australia, which includes technologist, philanthropist, entrepreneurs, industry experts and community leaders.


Dean Foley

Founder & Managing Director

Dean served five years in the Royal Australian Air Force before founding Australia’s Indigenous business accelerator, Barayamal – now known as a world leader in Indigenous Entrepreneurship. Dean is an action-oriented entrepreneur, former-Microsoft RAP Advisory Board Member, winner of the Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Entrepreneurship Award, and proud Kamilaroi Man who grew up within the Aboriginal community in Gunnedah, NSW.


Linda Ryle


Linda is an Aboriginal woman of Birrigubba (Bowen Qld) and Kamilaroi (Monaro NSW) heritage. Linda has been professionally engaged in the area of Indigenous Affairs since the late 1990s with professional experiences including Corporate Co-ordinator to the Girudala Council of Elders (Whitsunday Coast), Legal Services Senior Officer (Bowen). Linda also served as the President of the Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland for 3-years.


Steve hartley


Steve is a seasoned entrepreneur, public company director and business owner with over 25 years’ business experience. He has successfully advised and raised capital for start-up and high growth companies in the resources, retail, technology, media, and manufacturing sectors and has been personally involved in many business and property investment/divestment transactions totalling over $100m in transaction value.