Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference in the lives of Indigenous Australians? There are many ways to get involved and contribute, such as supporting various charitable organisations. Here, we will look at three indigenous charities and how you can donate or volunteer to help out.

Indigenous Charities

Leedal Foundation

Leedal Pty Ltd is a prominent Indigenous-owned organisation that plays a vital role in the economic development of Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia. As the trustee of the Fitzroy Crossing Trust, Leedal manages the interests of six beneficiaries, including Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation, Junjuwa Community Incorporated, Kurnangki Aboriginal Corporation, Bayulu Community Incorporated, Kadjina Community Incorporated, and Yiyili Community Indigenous Corporation.

In addition to its trustee responsibilities, Leedal owns and operates various businesses and town facilities in Fitzroy Crossing, such as the local IGA supermarket and the Fitzroy Crossing Post Office. The Trust also manages two thriving tourist businesses in the area, the Fitzroy River Lodge and the historic Crossing Inn. These businesses are managed responsibly and operate under strict alcohol restrictions. Overall, Leedal Pty Ltd is an important contributor to the economic growth and development of Fitzroy Crossing, and a vital organisation in the Western Australian community.

The Streets Movement

The Streets Movement is an organisation dedicated to the development of communities. Their programs and initiatives are designed to assist those who are disconnected, forgotten or wayward to re-engage with their community, education and opportunity. Operating across three continents, The Streets Movement creates positive pathways, builds capacity and provides opportunities for those who need it the most. The organisation’s overarching goal is to build strong, connected and proactive communities that fight for a better tomorrow. This is achieved through mental, emotional and social empowerment, rather than physical violence. By setting an example of positive change, The Streets Movement hopes to inspire others to build a better world.


At Barayamal, our mission is to use First Nations Entrepreneurship to create positive change in the world. Despite First People only comprising 5% of the global population, they are responsible for safeguarding 80% of the world’s biodiversity. Given this, we believe that supporting genuine First Nations Entrepreneurship is critical to effecting change.

We recognise that First Nations Entrepreneurship has a long way to go in Australia, having been excluded from the economy for nearly 200 years. To address this, we launched the world’s first Indigenous Accelerator program in 2016 and continue to lead this movement.

indigenous charities

Charity Lottery

Don’t like donating? Then join and support the First Nations Lottery – a national Indigenous charity fundraiser.

indigenous charity
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