Despite the promising (re)growth of First Nations Entrepreneurship in Australia, after being locked out of Australia’s economy for almost 200 years, there’s a long way to go. In 2016, we launched the world’s first Indigenous Accelerator program out of frustration with the status quo and quickly realised that just running an accelerator program wouldn’t be enough so our “Impact Strategy” through First Nations Entrepreneurship (not Western Entrepreneurship) focuses on the below channels for change.

Capacity Building

We strengthen First Nations Entrepreneurship by supporting entrepreneurs/businesses through coaching, strategic advice, training, mind shifts (Indigenous vs Western Entrepreneurships), or services that further increase First Nations Entrepreneurship which we believe will empower people and deliver a greater impact in our community.

Market Transformations

We build products or services that fulfil an unmet need that will have a positive impact on the community. We aim to solve problems through the power and wisdom of First Nations Entrepreneurship. We might also mess with the status quo or “Indigenous Wealth Managers” in the process by creating new tools & strategies to shift markets that benefit the community, instead of individuals…

Policy Change

We aim to influence policy, regulations, and rules in relation to First Nations Entrepreneurship to benefit the community instead of individuals (Indigenous vs Western Entrepreneurship). We are working to change the system that wants us to conform to Western business practices, and nothing less!

Culture and Behavior Change

We help inform, educate and inspire others to be a part of the solution (First Nations Entrepreneurship), instead of the problem.

What People are Saying.

Dean set a goal to support entrepreneurs and made Barayamal happen. He didn’t wait for permission or the perfect time, he just dug in and got it done. If you want to make stuff happen and make a positive impact, be part of the Barayamal story.
Barayamal proactively responds to the social and fiscal deficit which is the lived reality for the majority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia and more specifically, burgeoning First Nations Entrepreneurs. The startups, business accelerator programs and other opportunities facilitated by Barayamal provide a culturally safe and professionally supported learning environment maximising participant success. Dean is a First Nations person growing capabilities within First Nations communities through Barayamal – this is the essence of Self Determination.
We were all very impressed with the event and what the teams were able to produce in that short time.
Baraymal is effectually another person on your team. And having a strong network of indigenous businesses that you can link in with makes the road seem a little smoother.
Dean is an Indigenous digital entrepreneur and visionary. I first worked with him as CEO at First Nations Foundation when he led the nation by holding the 1st Indigenous charity hackathon. His passion for Indigenous business, easy-going style and ability to broker meaningful relationships make him a man to watch. You want to do business with him-he will show you a future you never imagined possible.
Thank you so much Dean. Our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I know that they would love to have more opportunities to do coding in the future.