Community and in-kind support partners

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Join the movement

By partnering with Barayamal you can achieve your corporate responsibility and reconciliation objectives while being part of the solution to close the disparity gap through First Nations Entrepreneurship.

Barayamal only works with partners who genuinely want to strengthen reconciliation in Australia – if that’s you then get in contact via email at [email protected] and/or by clicking the link below.

Disclaimer: if you’re doing stuff in the First Nations space just to promote your brand or win some contracts then there are other “Indigenous entrepreneurs” who are more than willing to help you… but we don’t believe in supporting tokenistic policies and gestures. #CommunityOverProfit

Press & media

If you’d like to write about Barayamal, drop us a line at d.foley@barayamal – you can also head to the newsroom to download our media kit.

How you can help

Become a partner to help us achieve our mission which is to make the world a better place for everyone through First Nations Entrepreneurship.

  • Funding partners
    • Allow us to take things to the next level by providing cash that is invested into First Nations businesses, technology (reach more people and increase our impact) and general operating costs.
    • We’ve focused on building a very lean tech-based driven charity that will effectively be able to continue operating with no petrol in the tank but funding helps to accelerate our growth and impact.
  • Community and in-kind support partners
    • Provide invaluable in-kind support (free software subscriptions, etc.) and collaboration.
  • Run fundraising events
    • You can raise funding through your network via a ton of platforms but we currently recommend using Facebook’s fundraising feature because it’s free (no fees for charity fundraisers atm) and easy-click fundraiser -> type Barayamal (Limited) -> start a fundraiser.
  • Add the Barayamal logo on your website and link (URL) to Barayamal
    • Despite being a lean First Nations charity we somehow dominate internet search engines (SEO) rankings for Indigenous Entrepreneurship which are “competitors” who receive millions annually from the Government aren’t too happy about…
    • Adding our logo and linking to our website will help us continue to rank #1 (Google) in SEO rankings and show the pretenders what Indigenous Entrepreneurship is all about.
  • Donate a percentage of sales on First Nations Entrepreneurship Day (TBC/TBA)
    • Indigenous Entrepreneurship differs from Western Entrepreneurship so it makes sense that we acknowledge and celebrate Indigenous Entrepreneurship (achievements and what is it) to gain more support and educate people on how they can build sustainable businesses that their ancestors would be proud of.
  • Donating Anonymously
    • Most of the donations we receive are anonymous – everyday people who understand what we are doing and want to help out where they can without public recognition.

First Nations Entrepreneurship

We believe that First Nations Entrepreneurship can change the world for the better by providing a framework and a ‘new’ generation of entrepreneurs who prioritise community over profit, which is different to the traditional Western Entrepreneurship Model which prioritises the individual/shareholders over the greater community.

Barayamal is leading the way in First Nations Entrepreneurship through our programs, research and resources developed.

One more thing…

Having delivered business support within the First Nations community for over 3 years, we have taken great pride in being able to use our skills (way of being) as First Nations entrepreneurs to positively impact our communities and create awareness within the greater community in Australia to support First Nations Entrepreneurship.

If you’re a changemaker, influencer or community member who would like to offer your support or thoughts on First Nations Entrepreneurship we would love to discuss this with you further so please connect with us for a chat.