The decolonisation of Indigenous economies is an idea that’s been on the table for a long time, but it has yet to make its way into reality. It’s up to activists, entrepreneurs, academics, and politicians to push the agenda forward by taking concrete steps in this direction.

Join the decolonisation process in every sector of Indigenous economies and help build an economy that works for everyone.

Decolonization is a necessary step in order to reclaim our power, in order to be true to ourselves. We must dismantle the colonial economy and replace it with an Indigenous economy. The decolonization process will heal our communities by restoring Indigenous ways of doing.

The decolonisation of the Indigenous economy is a process that will allow for the restoration of Indigenous relationships to land and resources. The economic system will be based on values such as self-determination, sustainability, justice, and responsibility.

The Indigenous economy is a powerful concept that does not need to be at the mercy of colonialism. Indigenous people have always had access to their own economic system, but they have been so marginalized and controlled by the mainstream economy that they cannot use it for their community.

The decolonization of Indigenous economies will allow them to have a sense of hope and control in their communities, and help create a better world for everyone through Indigenous entrepreneurship which has community sustainability at heart.

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“The work of Indigitisation, the work of linguistic revitalization the work of ceremony the work of land based practice the work of land based defense , Indigenous people are holding it down and that is work for Indigenous people to do.

That is not work for anyone else to pick up and start to appropriate and call their own. however decolonization is work that belongs to all of us.” – Nikki Sanchez

“We’re looking at a state of global climate catastrophe we’re looking at mass migrations because people can no longer inhibit their homelands and these are all ramifications of a colonial and capitalist world view that eradicated a balance, a sense of reciprocity, a sense of spiritual connection to our homelands.” – Nikki Sanchez

Learn whose land you live on and what has been done to them in order for you to occupy their lands.

Address the oppressive systems and history that enable you to occupy the territory you do now find out how you benefit from this history. ” – Nikki Sanchez

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