The term “Aboriginal entrepreneurship” is a new one for some, but it’s not… Aboriginal people have been running economies and trading for centuries.

While it may seem like Aboriginal people are just now becoming aware of their history as entrepreneurs, they’ve actually been doing this since time immemorial.

But as Indigenous communities are provided more opportunities to engage with the mainstream economy, they’re starting to take back what’s theirs.

This article will discuss ways that mainstream society can support Indigenous entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses that reflect their cultural values.

What is Aboriginal business?

Aboriginal business is a new term for mainstream society.

It’s an economic system that Indigenous people have been operating since time immemorial and it includes the concept of trading goods and services with other communities in exchange for the products or services they need.

In this sense, Aboriginal businesses are seen as a form of self-reliance on the part of Indigenous communities.

They provide employment opportunities, which can be difficult to access elsewhere.

While they may not be as flashy as other forms of business, Aboriginal businesses are an important component of a community’s economy and help to provide stability and continuity in place.

Why is Aboriginal business important?

Aboriginal entrepreneurship is important because Indigenous businesses can help to keep their culture alive. With the “end” of colonization and the resurgence of business, it’s important that mainstream society supports them in order to avoid commodification.

As mentioned previously, Aboriginal people have been running economies as far back as time immemorial. This means that they are knowledgeable about how to create a sustainable economy. First People know what does and does not work for them and what resources are available to them.

They also know how much time it takes to do something and what their strengths are. In other words, they know how to run an economy because they’ve been doing it for a long time.

Stop including First Nations, and start supporting them.

Ways that mainstream society can help with Aboriginal Entrepreneurship

There is a lot that mainstream society can do to help.

Let’s start with giving them more access to capital.

Many businesses fail because they don’t have access to the right amount of capital needed to get started.

Instead of giving money to Indigenous entrepreneurs, why not support and invest in their communities?

This will encourage Indigenous entrepreneurs to stay in their homes and communities rather than moving away, which often leads to the dissolution of these businesses.

Another way that mainstream society can help is by supporting cultural practices that help foster business success.

One example would be hiring Indigenous people or those who reflect traditional roles in their company. This could be something as simple as creating an inclusive workplace where Aboriginal culture is respected and valued like it should be.


Aboriginal businesses are important because they are a part of the solution to the problem of poverty, and colonisation/genocide.

The mainstream society can help make up for past wrongs and profiting from colonisation by making space for Aboriginal business and providing culturally appropriate support.

Aboriginal Entrepreneurship
Aboriginal Entrepreneurship

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