Gunnedah, a town known for its vast coal mines and rich agricultural history, has recently come under the spotlight for reasons far removed from its industrial significance.

With concerns arising about potential connections between mining giants and alleged racist extremists in the region.

And the recent attack on Lidia Thorpe by neo-Nazi racist extremists stands as a chilling reminder of the dangers posed by extremist ideologies…. and Thorpe’s incident highlights the severity of the anti-Indigenous movement, emphasising the need for vigilance and proactive measures to curb such incidents.

Lidia Thorpe nazi threat presser and Aboriginal Racism
Senator Lidia Thorpe during a press conference. Source: AAP / Joel Carrett/AAP Image

Whitehaven Coal or WHITEhaven for Racists?

This leads us to the pressing question: Is there a connection between mining companies Whitehaven Coal and Idemitsu’s Boggabri Coal Mine and potential extremists?

Aboriginal Racism by Luke Mitterer who allegely works at Whitehaven Coal in Gunnedah

Luke Mitterer recently came under fire for a racist comment that has drawn widespread condemnation.

And the controversial remark has not only caused an uproar among the general public but has also raised concerns about the environment in which such sentiments are fostered.

Given the gravity of the statement and the implications it carries, concerns have been raised with Whitehaven Coal, where Luke Mitterer is allegedly employed.

In particular, the company’s association with an individual who has made such remarks has put them in a spotlight, urging them to address the matter promptly.

And in response to the incident, an open letter addressed to Managing Director Paul Flynn of Whitehaven Coal was published, emphasising the company’s responsibility in ensuring that their employees uphold values that align with inclusivity and respect.

Furthermore, the letter appeals to the company to take definitive action against such behavior, emphasising the importance of creating a workplace environment free from prejudice and discrimination.

The public awaits Whitehaven Coal’s response, emphasising the company’s role in setting standards for corporate responsibility and ethics.

This event has inevitably drawn parallels to a separate and unrelated tragic incident in Western Australia involving a young Aboriginal boy named Cassius Turvey.

Murder of Cassius Turvey ‘clearly racially motivated

Now, it’s crucial to note that while both events have stirred significant concern within their respective communities, they are distinct and separate occurrences.

But the connection of Mitterer to Whitehaven Coal in the Gunnedah event has intensified the public’s attention, emphasising the broader implications of such incidents and the responsibilities of corporations in ensuring the integrity of their affiliations.

The Gunnedah Concern: Aaron Treay’s Alleged Online Alter Ego

Aaron Treay, who is alleged to be operating under the pseudonym “Christopher Vaughn” has recently come into the spotlight for a concerning post.

Under this alias, a comment was made hinting at a “Purge” in Gunnedah.

Such a reference, drawing parallels with the fictional scenario of lawlessness and violence depicted in the “Purge” movie series, has raised alarms among the community and online audiences.

The implications of such a statement, whether intended as a dark jest or a genuine threat, warrant scrutiny, especially given the potential for it to incite fear and panic among Gunnedah’s residents.

Inquiries made to Whitehaven Coal regarding Aaron Treay’s employment or contractor status remain unanswered.

And the lack of response from Whitehaven raises eyebrows, and one can only hope that they address these concerns soon to ensure clarity.

Kyle Rose of Gunnedah: Potential Domestic Terrorism Threat?

Recent events have thrust Kyle Rose into the limelight, with concerns raised to the NSW Police regarding his possession of firearms and the Australian National Security about potentially displaying domestic terrorist behaviours.

With various reports suggest that Rose might be exhibiting signs of violent extremist ideology through potential threats on social platforms.

And in a time when digital platforms play an integral role in shaping public opinion, such behaviours, if true, are gravely concerning.

Authorities are urged to investigate these allegations thoroughly to ensure the safety and well-being of ALL within the Gunnedah community.

And the concerns surrounding Kyle Rose, who has been reported to the authorities, mirror the sentiments recently expressed by Lidia Thorpe regarding the potential lack of police protection for certain community members.

This is further exemplified by an incident involving a young Aboriginal man who was confronted by police officers under the presumption of having stolen a pushbike he had rightfully purchased.

With Terry Moore recounting the troubling episode, highlighting the young man’s feelings of alleged racial targeting by the NSW Police in Gunnedah.

And the incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential discriminatory practices that may disproportionately affect Aboriginal people, prompting a broader reflection on law enforcement’s approach and priorities e.g. Aboriginal boys riding bikes or potential domestic terrorists and white extremists?

“My Grandson picked up his new push bike from turners bike shop on Thursday. He paid it off over 2 months with his pay from his permanent job. Well he was down town and the coppers pulled him up about no helmet which is fair enough but they started saying did he pinch it. He was upset about how he was treated so he rang me I told him just give them your DOB name and address. I could hear how they were treating him so I had a few words to say then the male cop snatched the phone out of his hand. Said can I sit down on the bench to eat his maccas and the female cop said sit in the gutter. He feels like they only pulled him up was because he is Aboriginal. Can’t a 16 year old have a real nice bike. That he paid for out of his pay”

Terry Moore

Summary: Aboriginal Racism

It remains to be seen how these allegations unfold and what steps will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of ALL Gunnedah’s residents… but the town deserves to thrive, free from the shadow of extremist ideologies and potential threats.

The recent events in Gunnedah have unveiled a concerning underbelly of potential racism and extremist ideologies.

And with mining giants like Whitehaven Coal and Idemitsu Boggabri Coal Mine being drawn into the spotlight, questions about their affiliations and the environment they foster have become central to the discourse.

The shocking comments made by individuals allegedly connected to these companies, such as Luke Mitterer, have not only sparked outrage but have also emphasised the need for corporate entities to be more vigilant in maintaining their reputation and values.

Furthermore, the cryptic ‘Purge’ reference supposedly made by Aaron Treay, operating under the alias “Christopher Vaughn”, has added another layer of concern, reflecting the potential dangers of online threats.

And amidst these developments, the alarming reports about Kyle Rose and his alleged extremist leanings further underscore the urgency for thorough investigations and proactive measures.

In addition, the echoed sentiments of racial prejudice, as illustrated by the harrowing experience of a young Aboriginal man, further intensify the need for introspection at both a community and institutional level.

So as Gunnedah grapples with these revelations, it is imperative that concrete steps are taken to ensure that every resident, irrespective of their background, feels safe, valued, and protected from the tendrils of extremism and prejudice.

Opinion piece by Dean Foley

This article is an opinion piece, reflecting personal views and interpretations based on available information. And while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, readers are encouraged to exercise their judgment and discretion.

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