Barayamal Demo Day & Awards

Have you received your invite for the Barayamal Demo Day & Awards event yet?

This event provides a national platform to showcase Indigenous entrepreneurship, break negative stereotypes and show the world that like black swans, Indigenous entrepreneurs exist and we can also build successful businesses too.

Barayamal Q&A

The next Barayamal Q&A will be next Monday at 10:00 AM AEST with Jesse T Martin from The Streets Movement Organisation – community development organisation.

Jesse is an Eora man who now lives in Cairns and is the founder of the Streets Movement Organisation. He strives for social change by fighting for a hand up instead of a handout. 

“To have any substantial impact in society it’s all about having a strong economic base and we as Indigi Mob are not excluded from that. The world is run by money and at the end of the day if we are left behind on that (money) then we are being left behind… so we need to be mindful of that and we need to walk in that space as strong as anyone else in the world.”

Barayamal Q&A: it’s where we interview Indigenous entrepreneurs and industry experts, and the Barayamal community can join the live conversation and ask any questions they have.
Time: 10:00 AM Monday 26th August with
Location: Barayamal Facebook Page
Questions: join the live conversation on Facebook or email [email protected]

Barayamal Q&A with Kayla Cartledge from Our Songlines
Barayamal Q&A with Matthew Jones from Sager Business Advisory
Barayamal Q&A with Dean Foley from Barayamal

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