Every citizen has the right to vote without experiencing fear, and media entities should be permitted to report without encountering undue influence or threats.

And in a time when the integrity of democratic procedures is paramount, any signs of intimidation or suppression are of grave concern.

Moreover, I have been the subject of several accusations by Councillor Lynch which you can read more about here.

The most concerning aspect of these accusations is the absence of comprehensive details and corroborating evidence because if there should be legitimate queries about my behaviour or actions, I would anticipate and indeed appreciate, a thorough and precise account to which I can provide a fitting response.

The vague nature of these accusations, combined with the absence of supporting evidence, suggests to me that they might be baseless and potentially a strategy to malign or threaten me.

Given these issues, I’ve submitted a formal complaint to the Office of the Registrar (Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983, NSW), which can investigate the conduct of the “Councillors of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council”. And I’ve also notified the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaty, David Harris MP about my concerns.

The reason why I emailed multiple people within the NSW Government and specifically NSW Aboriginal Affairs is the same reason I’m publishing this stuff because, after previous experiences and the ongoing systematic failures of Aboriginal policies and implementation, I don’t have much faith in these institutions.

And I’m not alone in this… lots of First People are fed up with the colonial system that feels like it’s holding them back instead of lifting them up.

I read an article this morning about how so many First People are sadly taking their own lives, and experts say one of the reasons is because of how powerless and hopeless the system makes us feel.

But in today’s world where it’s all about looking good and public relations campaigns, it feels like the Government and big companies want to show off that they’re trying to fix problems or at least being seen to, instead of really getting stuff done to help out.

Charles Lynch - NSW Aboriginal Land Council_NSWALC election 2024

David Harris MP was talking up change in Aboriginal Affairs before the election, but I’ve only seen the NSW Labor government stick to the status quo. And in the past, I’ve emailed complaints to the Office of the Registrar about genuine concerns and misconduct that have either been completely ignored or dismissed.

Which is why I’m posting this information online because I believe it’s in the public’s best interest to be aware of the failings of the colonial (government) system and what’s going on in the trenches…

The best hope for real change is probably to align NSW policies more to the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) and focus more on self-determination and governance that is culturally (community) orientated.

Electing politicians, whether they’re Indigenous or not, feels pointless from a cultural perspective when these bureaucrats don’t really do anything helpful for our community.

We shouldn’t have to wait every 4 years or so to vote in people that can’t deliver positive results for the community…

Complaint – Charles Lynch – Office of the Registrar. Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW)

Charles Lynch complaint _ NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) election 2024

Complaint – Charles Lynch – David Harris MP – Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaty

Charles Lynch complaint _ NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) election 2024


I might not hear anything back from them… but if I do get a reply from the Registrar’s (Nicole Courtman’s) office or from David Harris MP, I’ll let you know. But if you’re expecting a reply, don’t get your hopes up too high….

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