If you’re looking for a way to support the cause of Indigenous people, consider donating to an Indigenous charity. Donating to an Indigenous charity can help make a real difference in the lives of those affected by colonialism and systemic oppression. Research which charities are best suited to meeting your donation goals and learn how to donate responsibly.

Do Your Research and Compare Indigenous Charities

Before donating, research the charities you are considering by looking for information about their mission, vision and core values. Compare the goals of different charities to make sure your donation is going to a cause you believe in. Additionally, evaluate how transparent the charity is. Ensure they provide financial statements and breakdowns of where their funds go. Reputable charities should be willing to provide this information upon request.

Identify the Charity’s Reach and Impact

Don’t just look at what a charity is doing now – evaluate their reach and the significance of their impact. Start by looking at the size and geographical range of their operations. Are the Indigenous people in your region receiving the support they need? Make sure to research any partnerships or initiatives that the charity participates in to determine if they are well-respected within their field. Finally, read up on any public recognition or honors that have been granted to them for their work with Indigenous peoples- this will show you how successful they’ve been in achieving their goals.

Learn About the Charity’s Mission, Vision, and Goals

Learning about a charity’s mission, vision and goals is key in understanding the impact that they have, what their focus is, and how you can help. Investigate any publicly available documents such as annual reports and newsletters to get a better idea of what the organisation sees as its long-term objectives. Doing this will ensure that your donation is going to support an organisation with ambitions that align with your own values.

Evaluate the Charity’s Transparency and Accountability

It’s important to research the charity you are considering donating to and make sure that they are operating in a transparent and accountable manner. Check out any available financial reports or documents to gain insight into the organisation’s financial situation, decision-making process, and core values. Speak with people who have volunteered or donated to the organisation in the past to get their honest opinion on their experience. Additionally, read through any reviews or ratings available online to learn more about how trustworthy and reputable a specific charity is.

Contact the Indigenous Charities Directly to Ask Questions

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a few potential charities, it’s useful to contact each of them personally and ask any further questions you might have. It’s important to ask open-ended questions about the organisation’s values, mission and goals, plans for the future, how donations are allocated and used, etc. Contacting the charity directly provides you with valuable insight into the organisation that cannot be found on their website or in financial documents. Gathering this information can help you make the best decision when selecting the right charity to donate to.

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