The main problem with Western management and control of Indigenous funding is that it assumes the ideology of a capitalist society, which has been a major contributor to the destruction and genocide of First Nations (FN).

Western societies have attempted to suppress FN ideology they deemed inferior by imposing euro-centric norms on FN people. This is problematic because it creates an environment in which FN culture can be lessened or extinguished. Therefore, it’s important for Western management and control of FN funding to be re-evaluated.

Is it really important in today’s civilised society? Well, the WA Department of Communities recently had police raid an Indigenous employee’s home over leaks that exposed racism.

These examples and many others show that there is evidence to suggest that western management policies have been detrimental towards FN. These policies are used for the benefit of corporations and governments because they control the natives in order to gain benefits from them.

God forbid the world finds out that this government continues to discriminate against FN people – let’s raid their homes and burn evidence of wrongdoing.

Indigenous Funding: Four Main Problems

Indigenous Funding

Unrealistic Expectations

FN are the true owners of their land, yet when it comes to the management and control of those lands, Western management practices have been imposed on them. This is a problem for Indigenous peoples as there has been a systematic pattern of underfunding and neglect. One way to combat this is through the implementation of self-governing models.

Western organisations and policies play a significant role in the marginalisation of FN people. When they take over the management of funding, it becomes easier to implement Western methods of cultural assimilation. Western management has a number of flaws that can create negative impacts on FN people and their communities.


A lot of Western governments have been accused of violating the (UN Declaration) Rights of Indigenous Peoples, with reports stating government organisations reserve the right to withhold funding from FN who do not follow their policy. This is because the government wants to control the funding process for its own agenda and its corporate sponsors. This has caused an immense amount of tension between FN and Western governments.

Unsafe Cultural Practices

A lack of understanding can lead to cultural appropriation and inappropriate management practices. The problems that arise when Western culture is forced to coexist with FN culture go far beyond any performance or structural issues. The cultural differences are so profound that they create a multitude of deep-seated, complex, and inescapable conflicts.

FN are a powerful society with a strong ideology, which is why they’ve been able to create and maintain their own cultures and communities. However, despite these successes, there is still a lot of discrimination against them by the Western world. Western governments have attempted to control FN funding and how it has not only infringed on their cultural heritage but also interfered with their ability to maintain themselves economically. 

Micromanagement of Indigenous Funding

Micromanagement is a term that refers to a controlling management style where all aspects of the organisation are managed down to the smallest detail. This management style can be found in Western management of FN as well. It follows through with everyday operations and dictates how projects will be conducted and overseen. 

Western governments have been criticized for their micromanagement practices on FN communities for a long time… These practices have resulted in First Nations having an increased level of poverty and increased lack of self-determination and a lack of transparency. 

Finally, Western governments like to give Indigenous nations peanuts and leftovers of funding that was meant for Indigenous funding community development. Most of the funds are directed towards their own government organisations who don’t have to worry about the same treatment that FN people experience.

NSW Government Indigenous Expenditure Report.

Indigenous Funding

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