Alinga Energy Consulting provides specialist energy services to the commercial, government and NGO sectors within Australia and internationally with a particular focus on areas where energy accessibility and/or affordability issues prevent or limit the availability of reliable power.

Specialising in research, feasibility and design of renewable energy systems and micro-grids with a specific emphasis on remote, off-grid systems.

Ruby Heard MIEAust CPEng NER | Alinga Energy Consulting

Ruby is an electrical engineer and energy consultant from Melbourne, now based on the Sunshine Coast. After graduating from VU, she started a consulting role with Arup before transferring to San Francisco where she specialised in complex solar arrays and microgrids whilst working predominantly with Google.

In 2018, Ruby spent six months volunteering in Ethiopia through Engineers Without Borders by supporting the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) energy team. Upon her return to Australia, Ruby formed Alinga Energy Consulting to continue her work in the renewable energy and microgrid space with a focus on off-grid applications, remote Indigenous communities and islands.


Ruby has over 9 years experience in the energy and building services space. See below for some project highlights and a brief summary of her work over the last few years.  

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