Dear Barayamal Family, 🎉

2020 was a challenging year for First Nations entrepreneurs but like our ancestors who’ve adapted and thrived in Australia for millenniums, we’ve come a long way and continue to get stronger.

A massive thank you to all our supporters this year! It’s been a good learning curve and we’re looking forward to taking things to the next level next year with our growing support.

We’ve just secured a partnership with one of the biggest technology companies in the world which will add a lot of value and help bring to life some of the technology-based projects we’ve been working on in the pipeline.

It’s tough going against the status quo and personal agendas that don’t have the community’s best interest at heart (self-serving) but we’ll get there with your support.

2020 Impact

*Note – still working on how Barayamal can collect data more efficiently and measure our impact. Our 2021 Impact Overview will blow your mind 😉

Cool Highlights

Nicholas Radoll from Deadly Sports Plus went from delivering services to adding actual products to his business (store). We helped from the ideation, business model, and promoting the product with over $300 spent on advertising to help get the word out. Despite missing out on a massive government contract to supply health equipment, it’s been a tough year for the sports event business but we’re expecting big things from Nic in 2021 (watch this space).

Stewart Stacey from Binary Security also had a challenging year too but persevered and is now launching Australia (or the world’s?) first ‘Indigenous’ data centre in Darwin, which aims to recruit 100’s of Indigenous trainees as part of my company’s long-term goal to reverse the under-representation of First Nations Australians in the tech industry. Stewart won the “Black Swan” Award at the 2019 Barayamal Demo Day – The black swan is a symbol of breaking negative stereotypes and showing the world what First Nations people are capable of.

How you can support Barayamal in 2021

Over 900 people have already registered to attend Barayamal’s 2020 events via LinkedIn and Eventbrite. Like, share, and please attend our events. 🙏

  • 3% Aussie Venture Capital (VC) Pledge
    • Australian VCs raised a record $1.6 billion in capital for startups, but the median funding for Indigenous ventures sits at $0.
    •  It’s a sad but growing trend for First Nations people to miss out on these diversity opportunities so we’re asking VCs to put their money where their mouth is and invest in First Nations Entrepreneurship.  
    • You can support this campaign by donating below or like/share our post about this issue – here.
  • Open Source Model – 2021 Focus
    • We’ve onboarded world-class Advisors (Advisory Board) and will continue working on scaling our projects through technology next year from launching Australia’s first virtual co-working space for Indigenous entrepreneurs to building a working AI-prototype with IBM Australia that aims to help decrease incarceration rates of Indigenous people in Australia.
    • If you’re a techie or all-around awesome person, reach out (reply to this email) and let us know how you can help Barayamal take things to the next level.

Have an awesome Christmas holiday/celebrations and Happy New year! 

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