The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position at the Red Chief Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) carries an immense responsibility towards the Aboriginal communities it serves.

And as an applicant for the role, I, Dean Foley, understand the importance of this position and the potential it holds to drive positive change in our communities, which is why I bring with me a strong commitment to the cause and a vast experience in working with Indigenous communities.

After previously being discriminated against for the role, I sought reinsurance from the Registrar’s Office for Aboriginal Land Rights Act and NSW Aboriginal Affairs that this process would be fair and choose the right person for the job.


I have serious concerns regarding the fairness of the recruitment process, particularly due to the involvement of Tim Gumbleton.

My apprehension stems from previous experiences of discrimination during my prior application for the same position, which resulted in a settlement through the Fair Work Commission.

But in addition to this, a family member of mine currently has a discrimination case pending against Mr. Gumbleton with the Australian Human Rights Commission and Anti-Discrimination NSW.

Mr. Gumbleton’s response, when asked about potential bias in the recruitment process during a recent meeting, did not provide reassurance of impartiality.

As a countermeasure, I have composed an email directed to the Office of the Registrar, with a carbon copy (CC) sent to the office of the NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister, David Harris MP. My message seeks to obtain reassurance and puts forth a solution—specifically, the appointment of an independent probity officer.

Email subject: Request for Assurance of Fair and Impartial Recruitment for CEO Position at Red Chief LALC | Independent Probity Officer

Email body:

Dear Registrar,

I am writing to express my concerns about the ongoing recruitment process for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position at the Red Chief Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC). Specifically, I am concerned about the potential for bias given the involvement of Mr. Tim Gumbleton, who I understand is playing a key role in the process.

As you are probably aware, I have previously submitted complaints about Mr. Gumbleton and have concerns about the possible impact of his involvement in the current recruitment process. 
These concerns stem from my previous application for the CEO position at the Red Chief LALC, where I encountered discriminatory practices which led to a settlement through the Fair Work Commission. 

In addition, a family member of mine has a discrimination case filed against Mr. Gumbleton, currently pending with Anti-Discrimination NSW.

When Mr. Gumbleton was questioned about the steps he would take to ensure a fair and unbiased recruitment process, his response on June 16 (attached) was not satisfactory. Instead of directly addressing the issue of potential bias and discrimination, he simply mentioned who would be involved in the process and the criteria for judgement. There were no proposed measures like requiring recruiters to disclose and document any potential conflicts of interest relative to the job applicants.
While I believe strongly in the importance of the CEO role at the Red Chief LALC and remain committed to my application, I am seeking assurance that the selection process will be conducted in a fair and unbiased manner. The appointment of a qualified and suitable candidate, based on their skills, experience, and aptitude is paramount to the future success of the Red Chief LALC and the community it serves.

As such, I propose the engagement of an independent probity officer to oversee the recruitment process. This would ensure that all applicants are assessed fairly and that the process is transparent, independent, and free from any form of bias or discrimination.

I am confident that you share my commitment to fairness, equality, and the best interests of the Aboriginal communities we serve. I look forward to your response and assurance that this matter will be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

Yours sincerely,
Dean Foley


To ensure a fair and unbiased recruitment process, I propose the involvement of an independent probity officer.

This officer would oversee the process, guaranteeing transparency and impartiality, and ensuring that all applicants are assessed based on their qualifications, skills, and experience, free from any form of discrimination.

This measure would not only protect the rights of the applicants but also serve the best interests of the Red Chief LALC and the communities it represents, by ensuring the most suitable candidate is selected for this crucial role.



Office of the Registrar

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