A quick snapshot of the Barayamal Network – where Indigipreneurs (First Nations Entrepreneurs) collaborate, network & receive mentoring. The First Nations Entrepreneurial Network is a collaborative platform for Indigenous entrepreneurs to connect with each other and share their knowledge in order to grow as business owners.

Barayamal “Allies” (non-Indigenous supporters) can also join. The gathering is open to anyone who wants to be a part of the struggle for Indigenous rights, and it’s not limited by age or gender identity.

All are welcome in this space where people from all walks of life come together as allies and learn how they can support their communities through various means.

🙌🙌 here to read.
Wow very powerful and inspiring advices from you all, I will definitely keep them all.
totally agree, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially 👣👣✊🏾
love this ♥️

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