In light of recent revelations that the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) has been plagued with financial problems and low productivity, the government should intervene to solve this problem.

NSWALC is a state government statutory body that derives much of its income from government funding but is down to just over $600 million in its statutory account; the threshold is $485 million which was the amount Government contributed up until 1998.

Even after selling off land for $40.8 million without the approval of Aboriginal people in NSW, NSWALC is rapidly burning through its savings while spending almost $35 million annually on employees and other expenditures.

The NSW Government needs to fix the NSWALC urgently because its failing to do what it was suppose to do.

The NSWALC needs to be fixed urgently because it is failing Aboriginal people and the network of 120 Local Aboriginal Land Councils across NSW.

The purpose of the NSWALC was to support land rights and the network of Local Aboriginal Land Councils throughout NSW. However, in 2020-21, almost 30 percent of Local Aboriginal Land Councils were rated as high-risk or unfunded. 

Double your impact (email + call the Minister)

By taking 2 minutes to call the Ministers’ offices.

The Hon. (Ben) Benjamin Cameron Franklin, MLC (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs)

Ph: (02) 8574 5270

Mr David Robert HARRIS, MP (Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs)

Ph: (02) 4352 2711

Here are some brief talking points:

State your name and where you live!

  • Point 1 – NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) are failing their duties with almost 30 percent of Local Aboriginal Land Councils rated as high risk or unfunded in 2020-21.
  • Point 2 – NSWALC is rapidly heading into into adminstration and could be another disaster like ATSIC because of excessive spending and management issues e.g. spend almost $35 million annually on employees and “other” expenditures annually.
  • Point 3 – Minister MUST act NOW to stop the mismanagement of NSWALC before the election and before it’s too late…

Remember to please thank them for their time! 🙏

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