Creating a better world through First Nations EntrepreneurshipMorning Indigipreneurs & Allies Barayamal had a lot of success in the year 2021. We increased the number of First Nations entrepreneurs supported by our program, and we also saw more people attend events put on by Barayamal.

This year, we will focus more on technology and online delivery to support FirstNations entrepreneurship more. 

We previously received a massive boost of funding from a government contract but our focus is to stay away from public money going forward so that we can continue operating independently and continuing with a First Nations perspective.

If you’re able to find high-value items for our fundraising efforts, please let us know.

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From the world’s first Indigenous business accelerator to hackathon, we have been innovating and leading way for the last 5 years. It will take on a whole new look in 2022 with a focus on advocating and supporting First Nations entrepreneurship (not Western entrepreneurship or colonialism). We plan to fundraise a lot for our cause too…

An example is the 3% Pledge that aims to create awareness about the lack of funding from financial institutions and to secure financial targets commitment from major firms. You can view the wireframe of our financial reviews site that is currently being worked on, and it will be complete in a month.

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“Sometimes I think it’s as simple as all of us just understanding who we are and being who we say we are. We’re just looking for new ideas and looking at ways of going forward and building sustainable economies that reflect Indigenous cultures.”

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